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Cannabis Edible Cookbook - Learn How To Make Edibles - Complete Beginners Guide

Complete start-to-finish beginners guide to making cannabis edibles! Learn how to make edibles with zero prior knowledge!

This cookbook is not like the other edible cookbooks out there… We think it’s better. Not only are there over 130 edible recipes in it, but there is also an entire chapter dedicated to teaching you everything you will need to know before you start cooking with cannabis.

This book is stand-alone content that has something for you regardless if you are a beginner or an expert. It also happens to have enough edible recipes to keep you busy for a lifetime! We also made sure to keep the political commentary out of this. The only thing you will find in this book is helpful information!

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Excellent Book!

Great book with beautiful pictures. Easy to understand instructions. With this book you learn everything from decarboxylating and making canna butter, oil, cream & milk to cooking great recipes. I would recommend for beginners but also for experienced canna cooks.




Shanice R.

Best Gummy Recipe

I have tried several gummy recipes, without much success. Until I tried yours. They are perfect.


Wonderful Book

Great book, very informative and the recipes are outstanding.

TeraRae Shores

I had NO idea!

That you could make DELICIOUS Canna foods! This thorough and thoughtful collection of recipes, tips and variations is a STEAL at this price. What a great way to get your LEAFY GREENS! Thank you to all their contributors/folks who worked on it. A true labor of love!


This Book is Stand Alone Content

This has everything you need and more to start cooking with cannabis. You will not need to visit websites, use external sources, or look elsewhere for information. Even if you are a beginner, all your questions will be answered!

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